Writing Credits

2012: Catholic suspense thriller, Frozen Footprints (Tumblar House, November 2012; republished by Ivory Tower Press in 2015)

2009-2011: Various ezine articles.

2008: “Pogo-Stick Princess,” short story, published in June/July 2008 Hopscotch magazine.

2006: “Year-Long Butterflies,” article, published in August 2006 Hopscotch magazine.

2005: “Brothers in Fame,” an article about how the relationship of brothers helped them to achieve famed success, published in February 2005 issue of Boys’ Quest magazine.

2004: “Writer Tapped Her Unique Voice,” article, published in “Breakthrough” department of January 2004 issue of The Writer magazine.
Researched and wrote 100 true ghost story accounts from the 50 states for Management Strategies, inc.
“A Princess of Ballet,” an article about Anna Pavlova, published in August 2004 issue of Hopscotch magazine.

2003: YA suspense novel, Past Suspicion (PublishAmercia, September 2003; republished by Ivory Tower Press in 2012).
Short story, “Think Like an Inventor” published in October 2003 issue of Boys’ Quest magazine.
The Hair-Raising Case of Repunzel’s Green Tresses,” interactive mystery party game for teens, Management Strategies, inc.

2001: Won $125 August Derleth Writing Award (competition open to UW College students) for submission of creative work (up to fifteen pages worth) of poems and short stories.

1999 Won second place in Cricket magazine’s Cricket League poetry contest for “Illusion” (poem published in September 1999 issue).

1996: Won a complete 1994 commemorative stamp collection in Hartland, WI post office essay contest.

1995: First place in Hopscotch magazine adventure story contest for “Night Star’s Daring Climb” (story published in August/September 1995 issue).

1994: Won a microscope and ant farm in national science project contest for an essay about raising monarch butterflies.

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